Film Scoring 

Interstate will be contributing our music to the documentary film Beat Feet Narrated by Duke Head Basketball and Team USA Head Basketball Coach Krzyzewski!  Stay tuned for more updates...


Jay Multanen's passion is to uplift mankind while being productive, making friends, sweet music, and having fun.  Expression be it through song, dance, manufacturing, CREATION, any art form is something to be embraced! Life is for celebrating and we should be endlessly thankful!  As the pianist Gene Harris said, "Every day is a Holiday."  And so Carpe Diem!

Check out this website for new music recordings and events in Boise, Idaho and around the northwest! Please, reach out and be in touch and thanks for the support! Contact JayMul on Facebook follow him on Twitter, or just hit him up here with an email!  As we approach the Silver Tsunami see how Jay and Best Bath, through universal design, is changing lives.

Peace, Love and Harmony!


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